Welcome to 707, a fanlisting for the subject NANA illustrated by Yazawa Ai and listed at TAFL. Nana is about two girls who are different in almost every way imaginable, but they are linked by one thing; their name. Komatsu Nana is a helpless, naive 20-year-old who easily falls in love and becomes dependent and clingy to those around her. Osaki Nana, on the other hand, is a proud, enigmatic punk rock vocalist from a similarly rural background. Through a fateful encounter in their journey to Tokyo, the young women with the same given name are brought together. As their friendship deepends, their deeply intertwined lives filled with romance, music, challenges, and heartbreaks will ultimately test their seemingly unbreakable bond. If you're a fan of this series, please consider joining!

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Last Update: April 6, 2024
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