Welcome visitor to Bittersweet Moments! This is the TAFL-approved fanlisting for the manga series Marmalade Boy and illustrated by Yoshizumi Wataru. This alternately hilarious and poignant series is simply one of the wildest emotional roller-coasters Japan has produced, and it's quite simply a lot of fun. Marmalade Boy follows 16-year-old Koishikawa Miki, whose life was turned upside down when her parents return from a holiday only to tell her they're getting divorced. On the trip, they met another couple, and now they've decided to switch partners! They move in together to keep the family units together, including Miki's new step-brother, Matsuura Yuu. And much more happens past that. If you enjoyed this fun shoujo manga packed with drama, this is definitely the fanlisting for you to join!

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Last Update: July 10, 2024
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